“When we decided to move to the Lehigh Valley, our primary focus when we began searching for a house was the school district. We did a lot of research and looked at over 30 homes – driving in twice a week sometimes to look at what had come on the market. We focused on 2 school districts – East Penn and Parkland.  The thing that impressed us about East Penn was the strength of the music program, but also that the scores for math and science were very high.  Other districts had high scores in the academic classes, but were lacking in the Arts, which is very important to our family.  Now both of our kids are taking honors and AP academic classes AND participating and Band, Orchestra and Chorus.  Also, there are all the extracurricular activities Red Cross, Debate Team, Mock Trial,  and Model UN, just to name a few.  We also love going to the football games, and the fact that we live within walking distance to the high school. As parents, we keep busy volunteering for the Marching Band and shuttling kids to and from activities.” It’s a very high quality of life and we are very grateful."


--Ellen Zimmer Lewis